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Nelson Small House Design and Build Space Craft NZ

Small House Design & Build, Nelson, New Zealand

Space Craft NZ is Nelson’s own small house company, specialising in the design and construction of beautifully crafted, multi-functional homes and spaces. We deliver a refreshing alternative for building based on client focus, clever design and a premium quality build.

Our passion is to minimise built areas, while maximising use of available space.


From pre-designed plans to full design and build services with additional options like accessory dwellings and uniquely tailored features, Space Craft NZ have what you need for your new home and the experience, skill and service to make your new home dreams come true


#1 - Choose from one of our existing Space Craft NZ designs or customise it to suit your requirements.

#2 - Develop a new design based on our principles

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Work with Space Craft NZ from start to finish designing and building your brand new small house based on our design principles and quality.

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We design and build what you need to update or expand upon your existing home using quality materials and our unique design principles.

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We offer a range of services for quality design and build, including labour supply, accessory dwellings,

project management and more.

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Our first showhome and our current family home, Glenbrae is a masterpiece of design situated in a stunning setting overlooking the Nelson harbour. The small 125sqm house demonstrates our unique design and build ability in crafting space that has a small footprint but feels open and expansive at the same time... click to find out more.


Simon is an experienced builder and a nurturer of ideas with over 25 years in the construction industry; his partner and Co-Director Keile is a logistical specialist with innovative ideas that challenge the norms of conventional design and build for New Zealand homes. Together they are the dynamic and progressive minds behind the Nelson based company, Space Craft NZ.  

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