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Nelson's own small house company specialising in the design and construction of beautifully crafted, multi-functional spaces and homes. Our passion is to minimise built areas, while maximising use of available space. We provide the market with a refreshing alternative, based on client focus, clever design and a premium build.
Simon Collins has over 25 years experience in the construction industry.  From concrete technology to carpentry and project management, Simon is a dynamic, inquisitive builder; a nurturer of ideas, able to help you design your space or home and fix it in the crosshairs where desire meets budget.  
Together with partner Keile, Space Craft NZ is transforming ingrained, socio-cultural beliefs around building larger homes; challenging the norms of conventional design and creating a new standard of construction by using premium quality building supplies and choice finishings. 
If there's an inkling in your heart that there has to be a better way to achieve the home you deserve then talk with us today.
Let us help you on your journey toward building more of what matters...

022 365 3847  ♦

PO Box 908 , Nelson Mail Centre, Nelson 7040
Simon, Business Owner / Builder
Keile, Business Manager


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