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Building with Quality LVL Framing

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is an engineered timber product made by laminating thin layers of timber together. This has many advantages over traditional timbers used for framing like radiata and Douglas Fir. 

LVL is not prone to bowing or twisting and as such is less liable to movement as frames dry out over time.

  • Is much stronger than standard timber.

  • Is of a consistent size and straightness, so there is less waste when using LVL.

  • It sounds great, is there a catch?

LVL is more expensive than SG8 timber framing; on average around 2-4k on your average house. Some of this is offset by being quicker to erect and will not require straightening like standard timber frames. When building with LVL you get nice, straight flat walls that are perfect for lining with no worries about screws popping through plasterboard.

Given the better finish and the speed with which LVL can be erected, allied with its structural quality and durability, we feel it offers great value for money and is our preferred framing material.

Keile Johns

Space Craft NZ

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