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Small Spaces

Everywhere you look these days there's a show on TV, a blog, or a magazine article proclaiming the benefits of small house living. From the tiniest of houses- condensing the funtionality of a regular house into a tiny footprint- to custom designed houses with small footprints that promote a sense of wellbeing and environmental harmony, there is a floorplan and a lifestyle just waiting to be explored...and judged.

Tiny house dwellers often find themselves having to justify why they have chosen to live in such a small space.  It's one thing to downsize; another to live in a space no bigger than an average bedroom right?  And to fit into this space the high functioning  "wet" areas (kitchen/dining, bathroom, toilet, laundry) combined with the sanctuary space of sleeping and "chill" space for TV viewing or computer use.  For some (maybe many) this may be too small; too BIG a mind stretch.  BUT...the idea of creating a space that accommodates all the necessary "must haves" for living comfortably are there and are valid.  Why build what you don't need; the extra bedroom for those few times guests stay over; overly large dining areas for those dinner parties you might host one day, when you can create multi-functional spaces that are not only clever by design, but beautiful to live in daily.  

Consider your daily life; household routines, favourite places to congregate, commonly used appliances, the sounds and habits of daily living.  This will guide you as you re-imagine, de-clutter and inspire your beautiful life into a smaller, happier, space.

Keile Johns

Space Craft NZ

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