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Week 2: Framing

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

As week two commences the bones of the house are assembled. Framing begins. As with all our new builds the 140mm x 45mm lvl frames are fixed together with 90mm wire nails and secured with 14g bugle screws which are 150mm long. These bugles are four times stronger than wire nails and ensure the frames are going to hold together under the weight of roof.

Because lvl framing is much heavier and therefore much stronger than the standard pine 90mm x 45mm pine frames, a crane is required to stand them.

High studs, large openings for windows and doors are trademarks of Space Craft design.

The frames are plumbed in the corners, straightened and then braced to hold them in place.

By the end of week two the super strong skeleton of a Space Craft NZ Ltd home is evident. Our high quality materials and care present the inner structures of a strong and durable house.

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