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Week 1: Foundations

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Ever wondered how a house, specifically a Space Craft NZ Ltd house, is put together? Here’s your answer! The idea behind this blog series is to follow, week by week, the stages of building a house.

This particular building site is relatively flat, making the beginning of the build much easier.

It took just over a week to prepare the site, place the shutters, install the insulation and reinforcing and pour the floor. For this construction we have opted for a Ribraft floor; a thickened, reinforced slab that sits on top of the ground and is quick to install.

The slab, as shown in the photos, is 300mm thick and has all the drains and pipe work in place. Ready to begin framing.

Week one is all about laying the foundation on which your Space Craft NZ Ltd house is going to stand.

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