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Have you bought a section? Thinking of buying one, but not quite sure about what you’d build on it?

Get Space Craft NZ in on the ground level to get the most out of your design phase. We will work with you to create an exacting design and budget proof build.

The time and expense of designing a home sees you running for the hills?   Then choose to purchase one of our designs on a section we have already selected.  If the location ticks your box, then this is suitable solution. Since the house is not yet built, it is possible to alter fixtures to suit your taste and budget.

If you are looking to make some alterations or updates to your home- perhaps you want a funky multi-functional room where the kids can chill, but can also accomodate guests when needed, but you don’t want to add on just another boxy bedroom- then talk to us about re-working existing space and/or adding on extra space. You want hard working square meterage providing bang for your buck!

Don’t want to move or alter your house, but need more space? Consider a detached build that either blends in with your existing home or contrasts as a cool alternative. These types of buildings are small and simple and provide for extended family living.  Typical uses of such builds include:



granny flats

teenage retreats

We are able to guide you through the design and build of such dwellings to ensure they meet code and council requirements.

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